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Sisters. Designers. Lifelong creators. 

Our passion for event styling runs deep

We’ve been creating beautiful things together for as long as we can remember. 


We both went to school for design and landed in advertising working as designers. We always knew we wanted to start a business together, but couldn’t quite nail down the vision for our company. We loved the idea of making something together to share with the world. A space for people to come and enjoy themselves in a beautiful environment. Finally, we realized that event styling combines all of our favorite passions. It's about creating a place for people to gather—setting a mood, working with paper and flowers, choosing beautiful textiles. It's the culmination of everything we love to design.

So that's how we came to be. We are now a full-service event styling and floral company sharing our lifelong love of design with clients in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas.


People often ask how we came up with the
name Vine & Oak

We love our name because there is a connection to nature. Vines are very organic and follow the sunlight. They are free flowing and swirly. When you think of oak trees they are solid and firm. They have a strong presence about them. The two things connect to us personally as well. Erica is more like the vine, lighthearted and free. Jackie is the oak, structured and strong willed. We work well together though because we balance one another out and each bring our unique style. Having that balance in a partnership is key.

Jackie Constantine

mother of three. loves photography and bright light. obsessed with house plants. owns way too much black clothing. 

Erica Wright

boy mom times two. has loved the

color turquoise since birth. baker extraordinaire. has an obsession with anything miniature. 

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