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What is event styling? 

Event stylists are responsible for transforming a space into an extraordinary atmosphere. 

They select and organize colors, textures, ambiance, floral design, table top design, ceiling and wall treatments, paper and graphic details, cake design, furniture, and more. In short, event stylists focus on the big and small details that make events truly personalized and unique. 

Stylists also coordinate with design-related vendors to ensure the artistic and visual components are cohesive, streamlined, and yield amazing, memorable results.

What is the difference between an event planner and an event stylist? 

There are two types of event professionals you may come across: event planners and event stylists. While their titles seem similar, they each perform very important, very
distinct roles. 

Event Planners: Planners love logistics. Basically, they’re responsible for making sure things happen when and where they’re supposed to. Planners develop timelines and communicate all expectations, details, and important information to the entire vendor team. 

Event Stylists: Stylists thrive on creative details. They make sure all the artistic elements of an event come together to evoke the theme, desired atmosphere, or brand—and ensure an exquisite experience for each guest. 

What type of events do you style? 

Really, when it comes to intimate gatherings,
we do it all. 

Our events range from 2-200 people and include: weddings and wedding-related celebrations (proposal, engagement party, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch), baby showers, parties (birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, holiday, housewarming), dinners (romantic dinner for 2, intimate friend gathering, large in-home dinner party), and corporate events (grand opening, holiday, launch party, meeting, picnic, company or client dinner).  

We’ll design the perfect event for any life moment you want to celebrate! 

What kind of investment is required? 

In order to ensure that we can fully execute your vision for your celebration, we have a minimum budget of $1,500 for floral design and $5,000 for full service. 

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